2016: Stanford Remembers

Members of the Stanford community remember those who have passed away in 2016.


Norbert von der Groeben, a photographer who worked for the School of Medicine for nearly 10 years, died Dec. 4 in Palo Alto.


Charles M. Stein, a professor emeritus of statistics who was one of the world’s premier mathematical statisticians, died Nov. 24 in Fremont, Calif.


David Tyack, a professor emeritus of education and of history best known for his interpretations of the history of American education and history of school reform, died Oct. 27 in Stanford.

Frank Graham Sommer, a professor emeritus of radiology who waas an expert in ultrasound imaging and other radiological imaging techniques, died October 2 in Stanford.


Henry Thomas ‘Tom’ James, a former dean of the School of Education who was a celebrated educator and leader, died Sept. 30 in Golden Valley, Minn.

Maria Birukova, a graduate student in the MD/PhD program at the School of Medicine who was studying ways to treat chronic wounds, died Sept. 18 near Bear Creek Spire in the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Theodore W. Anderson, a professor emeritus who was a renowned scholar in mathematical statistics and econometrics, died Sept. 17 in Stanford.

Joseph Keller, a professor emeritus of mathematics and of mechanical engineering whose work investigated atomic explosions and oscillating ponytails, died Sept. 7 in Palo Alto.


John McMordie, a member of the Class of 2015 who was to receive his coterminal degree in mechanical engineering in 2017, died Aug. 26 in East Greenville, Pennsylvania.

Trevor Monteith, human resources manager for the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs, died Aug. 12 in San Mateo, Calif.

Eliza Evans, a doctoral candidate in the Graduate School of Education, died Aug. 6 in Boston.


Solomon Feferman, a professor emeritus of mathematics and philosphy, and the Patrick Suppes Professor of Humanities and Sciences, Emeritus who was one of the leading mathematical logicians of the 20th century, died July 26 in Stanford.

Nanci Yuan, a clinical associate professor of pediatric pulmonary medicine who was a sleep medicine expert, died July 1 in Santa Clara.


Thomas C. Moser, an emeritus professor and former chair of the English Department who was an expert on Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Ford, died June 9 in Stanford.


David Judah, a postdoctoral scholar in Comparative Medicine, died May 9 in East Palo Alto.


Ingram Olkin, professor emeritus of statistics and education who is best known for developing statistical analyses for evaluating policies, died April 28 in Palo Alto.

Alfred Spivack, a cardiologist and medical innnovator who founded the coronary care unit at Stanford and was an early champion of increasing nurses’ role in caring for cardiology patients, died April 23 in Palo Alto.


Robert P. Huff, a nationally recognized leaderin the field of college student financial aid who served as Stanford’s first financial aid director, died March 19 in Palo Alto.


Holbrook Kohrt, a clinician-researcher who studied novel ways to arm the immune system to fight cancer, died Feb. 24 in Miami.

Edward J. McCluskey, a professor emeritus who was a pioneering computer researcher and educator, died Feb. 13 in Belmont, Calif.

Ellen Cook Otto, who worked in various development offices at Stanford for decades until she retired from the Department of Athletics, died Feb. 10 in Cupertino, Calif.

Harry Oberhelman, a professor emeritus of surgery and former chief of general surgery and gastrointestinal surgery, died Feb. 10 in Stanford.

Sanford M. Dornbusch, a scholar renowned for his research on adolescence who was a “founding father” of Stanford’s Department of Sociology, died Feb. 9 in Palo Alto.


Herbert Abrams, a professor emeritus of radiology, senior fellow at Stanford’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, and an affiliated faculty member at the Center for International Security and Cooperation who co-founded the Nobel Prize-winning organization International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, died Jan. 20 in Palo Alto.

Oleg Jardetzky, a professor emeritus of molecular pharmacology who was a pioneer in nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, died Jan. 10 in Stanford.

Paul Armer, an early director of the Stanford Computation Center and faculty member who was a pioneer in computing and its social implications, died Jan. 6 in Stanford.