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2022: Stanford remembers

Members of the Stanford community remember those who have passed away in 2022.


Marshall Davison “Marsh” O’Neill, AB ’49, who began his Stanford career in 1952 as an administrative assistant in what became the Ginzton Laboratory, where he held the position of associate director for 30 years upon his retirement in 1990, died Dec. 30 in Palo Alto.

Gio Wiederhold, professor emeritus of computer science, a noted expert in databases, the valuation of intellectual property, and computer history, died Dec. 26 in San Francisco.

Eleanor Ross Crary, who worked at the Stanford Bookstore in the 1960s, died Dec. 24.

Henry Organ, who worked in fundraising and development at the university for over 25 years and served on the boards of several community organizations, died Dec. 8.


Shoshana Levy, PhD, a professor of oncology who discovered a family of molecules called tetraspanins, launching a new field of cancer research, died Nov. 16.

Peter Duus, the William H. Bonsall Professor in History, Emeritus, a renowned leader in the field of modern Japanese history, died Nov. 5


Gary Gray, MD, former chair of gastroenterology and hepatology at Stanford Medicine and an expert in celiac disease, died Oct. 31.

Dante Dettamanti, water polo coach from 1977 until his retirement in 2001, a six-time NCAA Coach of the Year who helped the Cardinal bring home eight NCAA championships, died Oct. 25.

Geoff Nuttall, violinist with the St. Lawrence String Quartet and artist in residence in the Department of Music, died Oct. 19.

Hans Steiner, MD, professor emeritus of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, remembered for his research on child and adolescent psychiatry, love of writing, and generosity in mentoring, died Oct. 17 in Palo Alto.

David Michael Burns, staff scientist whose work in the laboratory of Professor Helen Blau spanned the control of mRNA translation, the regulation of pluripotency, and epigenetic landscape of muscle stem cells, died Oct. 9.

Lorry I. Lokey, BA ’49, founder of Business Wire, former Stanford Daily editor, and philanthropist who dedicated much of his generosity to Stanford, died Oct. 1.


LeRoy Heinrichs, MD, PhD, professor emeritus of obstetrics and gynecology, an early adopter of less invasive surgical techniques, a pioneer in treating infertility, and an evangelist for virtual medical training, died Sept. 21.

Tinotenda Nyandoro, undergraduate majoring in economics, died Sept. 12 in Zimbabwe.

Saul Rosenberg, MD, the Maureen Lyles D’Ambrogio Professor, Emeritus, who pioneered highly successful treatments for Hodgkin lymphoma, died Sept. 5.


Nel Noddings, PhD ’73, the Lee L. Jacks Professor in Education, Emerita, a feminist, educator, and philosopher known for her work in philosophy of education, educational theory, and ethic of care, died Aug. 25 in Key Largo, Florida.

J. Fred Weintz, Jr., AB ’48, university trustee from 1985 to 1995 and Gold Spike awardee for decades of exceptional volunteer service to the university, died Aug. 25 in Riverside, Connecticut.

Charles “Chuck” Baxter, lecturer in the Department of Biology and at Hopkins Marine Station from 1961 until his 1993 retirement, died Aug. 19 in Monterey.

Richard Kempson, MD, professor emeritus of pathology and co-founder of the Stanford Medicine Surgical Pathology Department, died Aug. 19 in Kailua, Hawaii.

J. Myron “Mike” Atkin, former dean and professor emeritus at Stanford Graduate School of Education, whose tenure as dean marked a shift at the school toward deeper involvement with the practice of K-12 teaching, died Aug. 18 in Palo Alto.

Carol Mosher, retired chemist of SRI International and widow of Stanford chemistry Professor Harry Mosher, died Aug. 17 in Palo Alto.

Robert Finn, professor emeritus of mathematics, an expert in the mathematics of complex surfaces and capillaries, died Aug. 16 in Palo Alto.

Harumi Befu, professor emeritus of anthropology, who challenged and exposed stereotypes about Japanese people and their culture, died Aug. 4.


Robert H. McKim, professor emeritus of mechanical engineering, creator of a design approach he called “visual thinking,” and an early and influential member of Stanford’s Product Design Program in the late 1950s, died July 17 in Santa Cruz.

Howard Sussman, MD, professor emeritus of pathology, who played a pivotal role in consolidating and automating Stanford Medicine’s clinical pathology laboratory, died July 14 in Palo Alto.

Robert Grant Lindblom, a former lecturer and consulting/adjunct professor in the Department of Energy Resources Engineering, School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences, died July 8 in Menlo Park.

Oscar Sura Jr., undergraduate in computer science, died July 7 in Florida.

Gloria Linder, former head of reference at Lane Medical Library who retired in 1995, died July 6 in Gilroy.


Peter R. Frank, curator of Germanic collections at Stanford University Libraries, 1967–1990, died June 27 in Vienna, Austria.

Florian Shasky, former head of special collections, Stanford University Libraries, died June 26.

Carl Hugo Gotsch, former professor and associate director at the Stanford Food Research Institute, died June 12 in Palo Alto.


Roger N. Shepard, BA ’51, the Ray Lyman Professor in Social Science, Emeritus, a cognitive scientist recognized for his research in the areas of visual and auditory perception, memory, mental imagery and representation, learning theory, and generalization, died May 30 in Tucson, Arizona.

John Taylor “JT” Chipman, graduate student in philosophy, died May 3 in Sacramento.

Robert B. Tucker, BS ’62, a computer support analyst in the Department of Computer Science who in his 50 years at Stanford also worked in building hardware systems infrastructure at the School of Medicine, died May 2.


Hugh McDevitt, MD, AB ’52, professor emeritus of microbiology and immunology who unraveled the genetic controls of the immune system, died April 28 at Stanford.

Laurance “Laurie” Hoagland, Jr., AB ’58, president and CEO of the Stanford Management Company from 1991 to 2000, under whose tenure the university endowment grew from $1.9 billion to $8.6 billion, died April 24.


Evan Reed, associate professor of materials science and engineering, an acknowledged leader in the fast-emerging field of computational materials science, died March 19 at Stanford.

Denis A. Baylor, MD, professor emeritus of neurobiology, who explained how the human eye converts light into electrical signals that the nervous system can read, died March 16 at Stanford.

Mary Jane Tralongo, who worked as a secretary for 23 years maintaining police records at the Department of Public Safety, died March 10 in Palo Alto.

Thomas Rohlen, professor emeritus of education and senior fellow emeritus at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, where he established the Asia Pacific Research Center, and who also established the Stanford Center in Kyoto, Japan, where he served as its first director, died March 6.

Rachel M. Levy, who worked as a computer administrator for the School of Engineering, where she was an expert at Lotus machines and the ARPANET, died March 3 in Palo Alto.

Katie Meyer, a senior majoring in international relations and minoring in history, a resident assistant, and a team captain and goalkeeper on the Stanford Women’s Soccer Team, died March 1 at Stanford.


Samuel Strober, MD, a professor and former chief of immunology and rheumatology, who found a way for transplant recipients to reduce or abandon immunosuppressive drugs yet avoid organ rejection, died Feb. 11 in Portola Valley.

Attila Aydin, MS ’74, PhD ’78, research professor of geology, a field geologist in the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences who was an expert in structural geology, died Feb. 8 in Istanbul.

William A. Tiller, professor emeritus of materials science and engineering and world-renowned specialist in the solidification of various materials, died Feb. 7 in Scottsdale, Arizona.


William Northway Jr., MD, professor emeritus of pediatric radiology at Stanford Medicine, whose research changed care for premature babies, died Jan. 26 in San Carlos.

R. Paul Levine, research professor of biochemistry and of molecular biology at Hopkins Marine Station from 1992 to 1997, who continued his research on bacterial diseases in salmon, the symbiosis between sea anemones and algae, and biocomposite crystals as emeritus professor through 2004, died Jan. 25 in West Tisbury, Massachusetts.

John Arrillaga, AB ’60, a former basketball scholarship recipient who became one of Silicon Valley’s most successful real estate developers and Stanford’s most generous donors, died Jan. 24.

W. Bliss Carnochan, the Richard W. Lyman Professor in the Humanities, Emeritus, a leading scholar of 18th-century English literature who during his tenure as a professor of English from 1960 to 1991 also served as director of the Stanford Humanities Center (1985-94) and as Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies (1975-80), died Jan. 24.

Lisa Wise-Faberowski, MD, associate professor of anesthesiology, perioperative and pain medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine, who studied tetralogy of Fallot, a rare congenital heart condition, as well as the effects of anesthesia on children’s developing brains, died Jan. 23 in Lone Tree, Colorado.

Dylan Simmons, BA ’17, MS ’17, third-year student at Stanford Law School, died Jan. 20 at Stanford.

James Adams, MS ’59, PhD ’62, professor of industrial engineering and engineering management and of mechanical engineering, emeritus, whose interests ranged from mechanical and product design to the management of creativity and change in technology-based organizations, died Jan. 15 at Stanford.

Marilynn Judy Rose, MA ’69, who spent her career in the Department of Management Science and Engineering until her retirement in 2015, died Jan. 15 in Palo Alto.