2018: Stanford remembers

Members of the Stanford community remember those who have passed away in 2018.


Andrew Marshall, a graduate student in the computer science department, died March 16 in Mountain View, California.

Charles Yanofsky, the Dr. Morris Herzstein Professor of Biology, Emeritus, one of the world’s most influential geneticists, died March 16.

Christopher “Tripp” Zanetis, a 2017 graduate of Stanford Law School, an active Air National Guard member and helicopter pilot, as well as a fire marshal for the New York City Fire Department, died March 15 near the border of western Iraq and Syria when his U.S. military helicopter crashed during a troop transport.


Richard Taylor, Nobel Prize-winning particle physicist who carried out experiments that led to the discovery of quarks, died Feb. 22 at his home on the Stanford University campus. He was a professor emeritus of physics at Stanford and at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

Gerald “Jerry” Reaven, MD, an endocrinologist and professor emeritus of medicine who gained international recognition for coining the term Syndrome X — now known as metabolic syndrome — died Feb. 12 at his home on the Stanford University campus.

Harry W. “Hunk” Anderson, philanthropist and art collector whose family made their collection of postwar American art available to the world through the gift of the Anderson Collection at Stanford University, died Feb. 7 in Atherton, California.


Ira M. Friedman, MD, a clinical professor emeritus of pediatrics and former director of Vaden Health Center and its predecessor, Cowell Student Health Center, died Jan. 12 in Belmont, California.

Juergen Willmann, MD, a professor of radiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine and international scholar who dedicated himself to advancing cancer detection imaging technologies, died Jan. 8 in Palo Alto, California.