2019: Stanford remembers

Members of the Stanford community remember those who have passed away in 2019.


Catherine “Cathy” Jensen, who began her 20-year nursing career at Stanford University Hospital, died May 10.

John D. Krumboltz, professor emeritus of education and of psychology who developed the theory of planned happenstance, died May 4 at Stanford.


Nils J. Nilsson, the Kumagai Professor of Engineering, Emeritus, in the Department of Computer Science and a pioneer in robotics and artificial intelligence, died April 23 in Medford, Oregon.

John C. L’Heureux, the Lane Professor of Humanities, Emeritus, author and poet and for many years leader of the Wallace Stegner Creative Writing Fellowship program at Stanford University, died April 22 at Stanford.

David A. Hamburg, former professor in psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the School of Medicine (1961-76), died April 21 in Washington, D.C.

Roy H. Maffly, MD, professor emeritus of medicine, former associate dean for student affairs at Stanford University School of Medicine and a champion for recruiting underrepresented minorities to the school, died April 15 in Palo Alto.


Ralph Greco, MD, professor emeritus of surgery and a pioneer in the movement to support work-life balance for physicians and trainees, died March 31 at Stanford.

James Howell, the Theodore J. Kreps Professor of Economics, Emeritus, at Stanford Graduate School of Business, whose vision for modern-day management education profoundly changed business schools around the world, died March 29 in Palo Alto.

Richard H. Pantell, professor emeritus of electrical engineering and an expert in fields ranging from lasers to the environment, died March 26 in San Mateo.

Mischa Nee, a junior majoring in computer science, died March 22 in Mallorca, Spain.

Susan Horsfall Crljenko, retired director of finance at Stanford Libraries, died March 21 in Sunnyvale.

Mark Dalrymple, recording engineer in the Music Department, died March 21 in Los Altos.

Barbara Kent, professor emerita of physical therapy, died March 19 in Menlo Park.

Oscar Salvatierra Jr., MD, professor emeritus of surgery and of pediatrics at the School of Medicine and a leader in the effort to enact national legislation regulating organ donation, died March 16 in Menlo Park.

Beverly Bogart, retired librarian at the Law Library, died March 15 in Palo Alto.

Edward Rubenstein, MD, professor emeritus of primary care and population health at the School of Medicine and the author of an early textbook on intensive care medicine, died March 11 in San Mateo.

Kelly Catlin, a first-year master’s student in computational and mathematical engineering, and a world-class cyclist, died March 8 at Stanford.

Edwin Bridges, a retired professor of education best known for applying problem-based learning to the training of educational leaders, died March 7 at his home on the Stanford campus.


Thomas Reif Kane, a professor emeritus of applied mechanics and mechanical engineering, a pioneer in the field of spacecraft dynamics, biomechanics and modern computational dynamics, died Feb. 16 at Stanford.

Joe Kott, longtime lecturer on transportation planning in the Urban Studies program, died Feb. 14 in Oakland.

Winslow Briggs, a professor emeritus of biological sciences who published landmark research on the molecular mechanisms that plants and other organisms use to sense and respond to light, died Feb. 11 at Stanford Hospital.

Ziwen “Jerry” Wang, doctoral student in materials science and engineering, died Feb. 11 at Stanford.

Franz Georg Lassner, a former curator of special collections and director of archives at the Hoover Institution, died Feb. 10 in Cape May, New Jersey.

Jim Lyons, dean of student affairs from 1972 to 1990, for whom the James W. Lyons Award for Service is named, and a lecturer at the Graduate School of Education from 1992 to 1997, died Feb. 9 in Palo Alto.

Alan Grundmann, who held a variety of administrative positions at the university, including administrative officer of the Department of Physics, assistant to the provost, assistant provost, and administrative director for two decades of the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, died Feb. 5.


Elizabeth Jean Rose-Morales, a nurse widely known as Betty Rose, who worked at Stanford Hospital for more than 30 years in a variety of leadership roles, died Jan. 22 in Palo Alto.

Juanita Nissley, who worked as a secretary at the university for 23 years, the latter half at the Hoover Institution as secretary to George P. Shultz, died Jan. 21 in Los Altos Hills.