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2014: Stanford remembers

Members of the Stanford community remember those who have passed away in 2014.


Carl N. Degler, the Margaret Byrne Professor of American History, Emeritus, who won the Pulitzer Prize for his groundbreaking 1972 book on slavery and race relations, died Dec. 27 in Palo Alto.


Patrick Suppes, a professor emeritus of philosophy who was also a scientist and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, died Nov. 17 in Stanford.


Daniel Ha, ’10, an alumnus who was co-president of his senior class and a member of the founding team of StartX, a nonprofit startup accelerator intended to help Stanford-affiliated entrepreneurs, died Oct. 31 in San Francisco.

Charles Whitcher, a founding member of the School of Medicine’s anesthesiology department who helped develop groundbreaking equipment for patient monitoring in the operating room, died Oct. 13 in Stanford.

Harden McConnell, a professor emeritus of chemistry who made pioneering advances in magnetic resonance and cell biology, died Oct. 8 in Atherton, Calif.

Edwin Alderman, a professor emeritus of cardiovascular medicine who was a specialist in heart catheterization, died Oct. 3.

Henry S. Breitrose, a professor emeritus of communication who founded Stanford’s world-renowned documentary film program, died Oct. 2 in Stanford.

Ronald McKinnon, professor emeritus of economics who was one of the first academics to analyze “financial repression” as a substantial barrier to successful economic development, died Oct. 1 in Burlingame.


Martin L. Perl, a professor emeritus of physics at Stanford and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory who won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1995, died Sept. 30 in Palo Alto.

Joseph McNamara, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution who spent more than 30 years in law enforcement in three major cities, died Sept. 19 at his home near Monterey, Calif.

Eugene Bleck, who established the pediatric orthopedics department at School of Medicine and developed many of the specialty’s first standards of care, died Sept. 14 in San Mateo, Calif.

Edwin Good, a religious studies professor emeritus who was a Hebrew Bible scholar and a piano historian, died on Sept. 12 in Eugene, Ore.

Raymond Hintz, a pioneering researcher on human growth who founded the Division of Pediatric Endocrinology at the School of Medicine, died Sept. 12 in Stanford.

Robert Schimke, professor emeritus of biology who was a pioneer in biomedical sciences as well as an accomplished painter, died Sept. 6 in Palo Alto.


George Knoles, a professor emeritus of history, died Aug. 27 in Palo Alto.

Keith Gaul, an instructional labs manager in the School of Engineering, died Aug. 5 while backpacking in the Sierra Nevadas.


George Spindler, professor emeritus of education and anthropology, died July 1 in Chapel Hill, N.C.


Phil Williams, who was director of planning at Stanford from 1975 to 1992, died June 29 in Menlo Park, Calif.

Bryant Tan, who earned an undergraduate degree in June and was working on a graduate degree in engineering, died June 29 in Triglav National Park in Slovenia.

David Halliburton, a professor emeritus of English and founder of the Center for Teaching and Learning, died June 2 in Portola Valley, Calif.

Fouad Ajami, a renowned Middle East scholar and the Herbert and Jane Dwight Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, died June 22 in Maine.

Xavier Leyva-Quintana, an undergraduate student majoring in economics, died June 15 in Stanford.


Grigori “Grisha” Mints, a professor of philosophy who was one of the most distinguished logicians in the world, died May 29 in Stanford.

Michael Wigodsky, an emeritus professor who was an expert in early Latin literature and later Greek philosophy, died May 9 in Mountain View, Calif.


Wesley Trimpi, a professor emeritus of English who was an expert in English Renaissance lyric poetry and ancient classical literature, died March 6 in Stanford.

Alejandro Zaffaroni, an innovator in biotechnology and drug delivery systems, and generous humanitarian with close ties to Stanford, died March 1 in Atherton, Calif.


Willard G. “Bill” Wyman, who was an associate dean of students and later a special assistant to then-President Richard W. Lyman in the 1960s, died Feb. 25 in Stanford.

James Daniel “Jimmy” Fowkes, an undergraduate student majoring in religious studies who is the sole four-time recipient of the National Collegiate Cancer Foundation scholarship, died Feb. 16.


Marcus Krupp, a medical school alumnus who as a member of the clinical faculty taught medical students and residents at Stanford Hospital for more than 50 years, died Jan. 18 in Portola Valley, Calif.

Fred Hargadon, dean of admission at Stanford from 1969 to 1984, died Jan. 15 in his home in Princeton, N.J.

Elliot Eisner, the Lee Jacks Professor of Education, Emeritus, at the Stanford Graduate School of Education and an emeritus professor of art who championed art education, died Jan. 10 in Stanford.

Richard Mesa, a former lecturer at the School of Education and executive director of the Urban/Rural School Development Program, which was then a federally funded research and public service program at the School of Education, died Jan. 2 in Woodside.