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2012: Stanford remembers

Members of the Stanford community remember those who have passed away in 2012.


Lindi Press, AB ’67, 2003 Amy J. Blue Award winner who worked at Stanford for three decades, died Dec. 31 in Menlo Park.

Mark Crispin, who while he was a systems programmer at Stanford from 1977-1988 invented the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) for accessing email on a remote mail server, died on Dec. 28 in Poulsbo, Wash.


Peter James Duignan Jr., a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and curator of African letters and documents, died Nov. 17 in Cupertino.

Karlene N. Dickey, an associate dean of graduate studies, emerita, died Nov. 5 while traveling in Hawaii.


Rob Tirrell, a graduate student on leave from the Bioinfomatics Department, died Oct. 10 in Los Altos Hills, Calif.


Bill Moggridge, a Stanford professor who designed the first laptop computer, died Sept. 8 in San Francisco.


Henry H. Jones, a professor emeritus of radiology at the School of Medicine, died Aug. 11 in Stanford.

Gene F. Franklin, a professor emeritus of electrical engineering who was a pioneer in the field of digital control systems, died Aug. 9 in Stanford.


Richard G. Brewer, a consulting professor in the Department of Applied Physics, died July 22 in Palo Alto.


David Redfield, a retired consulting professor in the Department of Material Science and Engineering, died June 30 in Palo Alto.

Merci Agustin, a payroll supervisor in the School of Engineering Human Resources Department, died June 9 in South San Francisco.

Robert J. Glaser, a former dean of the School of Medicine and a national figure in medical education, died June 7 in Palo Alto.

Avram Goldstein, an emeritus professor of pharmacology at the School of Medicine who was an expert on addiction, died June 1 in Palo Alto.


Richard W. Lyman Stanford’s seventh president who held the post from 1970 to 1980, died May 27 in Palo Alto.

Akash Dube, an undergraduate student, died May 11 in Houston, Texas.

John Bunker, professor emeritus of anesthesia and of health research and policy who founded the Anesthesia Department at the School of Medicine, died May 4 in London.

Michael Boudart, a professor of chemical engineering who was an expert in catalysis, died May 2 in Palo Alto.

Heinz Furthmayr, who was an emeritus professor of pathology, died May 1 while on a trek in the Dolpo region of Nepal.


Helmut Krawinkler, a professor emeritus in civil and environmental engineering who was an expert in earthquake engineering, died April 16 in Los Altos, Calif.

Weesam Alkhatib, a vascular surgeon and clinical instructor in surgery at the School of Medicine, died April 14 in Woodland, Calif.

Cady Jeanne Hine, an undergraduate student, died April 1 in Palo Alto.


Thomas Cover, information theorist and professor of electrical engineering, died March 26 in Stanford.

Samantha Wopat, an undergraduate student, died March 25 in Stanford.

Marsha Friberg Shinkman, a former assistant director of the Bing Stanford in Washington program, died March 19 in Bethesda, Md.


Ron Yamaguchi, who was an assistant equipment manager in the Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation, died Feb. 24 in Stanford.

Walter F. W. Lohnes, a professor emeritus of German Studies who had a formative influence on language education in the United States, died Feb. 8 in Sunnyvale, Calif.

Gerry Weitz, a longtime leader in information technology services at Stanford, died Feb. 8 in Albany, Calif.

David Rosenhan, professor emeritus of psychology and law, died Feb. 6 in Stanford.


Elliott Levinthal, who was a professor emeritus of mechanical engineering, died Jan. 14 in Palo Alto.